Let us introduce you to a new way to care for your body, mind and soul. Svaroopa® Yoga is very different from what most of us think of as yoga. It is a form of hatha yoga for which flexibility is not a requirement, it is a result. 

With the support of blankets, beginning students relax into easy poses designed to release the deepest tensions in the body along the spine. This release deeply relaxes the body, quiets the mind, reduces pain, accelerates injury recovery, and promotes better overall health.

Students experience relief from back pain, headaches and stress, improved flexibility and strength, increased energy and concentration, and an overall sense of ease and well-being. 

How Svaroopa® Yoga Works
Svaroopa® Yoga practice includes a unique therapeutic approach to reduce muscle tension. Reducing pain is easy with the spinal decompression we call “Core Opening.” Core Opening lifts pressure off your internal organs and glands so everything functions better, giving you optimum health along with stress relief and deep relaxation. You may find that your back pain eases and neck and shoulder tensions dissolve starting with your first class.

Aptos Yoga – an Educational Center
In addition to offering group yoga classes, we offer private yoga therapy sessions that support you even further in your journey to optimal health and inner peace. Options include Yoga Therapy, Private Classes, Vichara Therapy, and Embodyment® Therapy. (The benefits of one Embodyment® Therapy session are equivalent to six yoga classes). Part of our mission as an educational center is to teach you how to care for yourself to create your own healing at home.
Aptos Yoga Founders
Aptos Yoga, the only Svaroopa® Yoga center in Santa Cruz County, was founded by local Svaroopa® Yoga instructors and successful business owners: Christine Hernandez and Lizabeth (Liz) Darling. They have joined together to establish Aptos Yoga as a non-profit, educational organization to promote health among Santa Cruz yoga practitioners and the general community. 

See our class schedule and learn to unravel deep tension in your body and mind: Move Better, Breathe Better and Live Better using minimal effort and gaining maximum benefit!