White Lotus

Here at Aptos Yoga we tend to the tensions of the body, mind and soul. Starting with the body, we use the Svaroopa Yoga practice to unwind the muscles and ligaments in a gentle, easy manner. Svaroopa (pronounced svah-roo-pah) is a form of Hatha Yoga that everyone can participate in without any entry level skill set. Just show up and one of our instructors will evaluate and customize a program just for you.

Through our blog site, we keep you in the family. We care about our clients. Once you step through our doors, and we spend some time getting to know each other you will find yourself adopted into our program and into our hearts.

Aptos Yoga was started by Kerry Patterson-Smith and Jonah Ingram in 2009 to bring answers to ailments that previously only posed questions. Serving the greater Seattle area, our studio is the only one offering Svaroopa Yoga. This specialized form of yoga is usually not on most people’s radar until talking to one of our instructors. While other types of yoga work with spinal tightening poses, Svaroopa Yoga targets muscle release and relaxation of the muscles around the spine. We educate the non-believer with evidence based results.

“I’ve had a bad back due to being thrown off a horse several years ago. After practicing Svaroopa Yoga for only three weeks, I can happily report no back pain and a general deep seated peace. Thank you Aptos Yoga!”
. . . Ginny McCord, North Beach

Our testimonials fill pages. We are here to educate and instruct people who previously thought they couldn’t do yoga because of their pain. Moving keeps pain away, but the key is in the type of movement and matching it up with the type of pain. Svaroopa was developed by Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati and is based in ancient traditions. The approach is designed to facilitate cosmic awareness through the flexibility of the spinal column. With Swami Saraswati’s guidance, participants use the spine as a conduit of consciousness. Through physical awareness comes spiritual awareness and vice-a-versa.

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