Private Yoga Sessions

Why consider private yoga sessions at Aptos Yoga Center?
❇ When you are injured or too sore to take a regular class
❇ When you want to stimulate your innate healing ability to speed your recovery
❇ When you would like personalized instruction
❇ When you want to enhance your personal practice
❇ When you want to practice postures to address a specific injury or physical discomfort

We offer several types of private sessions:

Private sessions are custom-designed for you. Each appointment is designed to meet your needs, depending upon your physical condition, and specific requests. We work with you to determine the focus for each session.

* Embodyment® Therapy
* Yoga Therapy
* Develop Your Home Practice
* Vichara Therapy

Embodyment® Therapy
A gentle, hands-on therapy technique. While you rest in Shavasana, the therapist places her hands at the base of your spine to facilitate deep release throughout your spine and entire body. The session includes therapeutic adjustments and a gentle spinal massage. The benefits of one session are equivalent to six yoga classes.

Yoga Therapy
You’ll be held in supported poses designed for deeper release. Specific therapeutic Svaroopa® techniques are chosen according to the needs, tendencies, and experience level of the client.

Vichara Therapy
As a process of self-inquiry, you will be lead through a series of questions to help you see and better understand upsetting experiences in your life and help you in the process of releasing negative patterns that hide the true and inherent joy that is within you.

Develop Your Home Practice

Establish a home practice based on your body’s needs and goals. Learn gentle, simple, supported poses that you can do at home, or a breathing practice. In most cases you will be given a handout with pose instructions so that you can do yoga as a way to work with pain management or to facilitate healing.

What to Expect in Each Session: (this section coming soon – please bear with us as we develop our website)

One hour session: $85
Package of 5: $80 each
Package of 10: $75 each
Ask about Overlap Healing Packages

If you must reschedule or cancel any appointment, please give us twenty four hours advance notice. Any session canceled with less than 24 hour notice will be charged at the full rate.