SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, REJUVENATING: experience Svaroopa® yoga classes.

Approachable for most anyone, Svaroopa® yoga uses the support of blankets and props so you can relax into poses designed to release the deepest tensions in your body along the spine.  At Aptos Yoga Center flexibility and physical fitness are not requirements, they are results!  We have classes to fit almost any body. Please arrive 15 minutes early to set up to ensure classes start on time.  All new students need to fill out  Registration and Waiver forms.

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Get the most out of your yoga classes – see below!

Class size is limited, and some classes fill up a week in advance, so it is best to call 831.688.1019 or email to reserve your space.

Here are our Current Class Offerings and Schedule

March 2014 Schedule

How to get the most out of each yoga class:

Arrive- 15 minutes early to allow time to check in, take off your shoes, set up your blankets, and settle into our beginning pose, Shavasana. This allows for a nice transition to begin your class. Your respect and honor of this request allows us to start the class on time and end on time and so honoring and respecting your time and schedule as well.

Wear – Clothing should be comfortable and easy to move in. Layered clothing is recommended. Shoes are stored in the area that is set-up to hold the shoes. You may wear socks and please be aware that we do ask that socks be removed for specific poses. This is to ensure that you are safe and will not slip or slide.

Food and Water - We recommend that you eat about 2 hours prior to class. It is easier and more comfortable to move into poses if the belly is less than half full. You may bring water if it is in a container that has a lid that can be closed or tightened. No open containers or containers that will easily spill liquid.


* Turn off your cell phone, so there are no external distractions.

* Please do not wear perfumes, or lotions with fragrance, as other students may be allergic, or sensitive to heavy smells.

* Please advise the teacher if you will arrive late or leave class early.

* Be sure to keep your teacher informed of any injuries, or health concerns so we may offer the greatest amount of assistance to support you.

*When dropping in, or making up a class, please call to confirm availability.

* Please do not wear your shoes past the entry rugs. This helps us keep the floor clean ensuring that you do not lay your face down on a floor where shoes may have tracked in dirt from outside.

Because we are an education and research oriented yoga center, we have forms that ask about your general health and specific conditions. Knowledge of areas of concerns helps the teachers to know how to assist and prop you for maximum benefit. In addition, some of the poses have contraindications meaning that there are students with conditions that we will need to modify, or substitute a pose to ensure safety and follow health precautions. Please let your teacher know if there is a specific concern, diagnosis or condition that needs to be accommodated.

As Svaroopa® Yoga teachers, we have been educated on contraindications and precautions and to find appropriate substitute poses for many conditions. We appreciate feedback and ideas to enhance the experience for our students. We hope that you will find your Svaroopa® Yoga experience to be enriching, beneficial and very blissful.


The Teachers and Staff