Why Choose Yoga?

Why choose yoga over other forms of fitness training? There is a plethora of options and more arriving on the scene every couple of months to keep us in good shape. We give a tip of the hat to any form of exercise that limbers up the body and keeps a person healthy and strong. So why yoga?

A recent real life example of ‘why’ took place last Tuesday afternoon when Jonah and I called an emergency plumber Burlington Ontario to take a look at the plumbing at the studio. Barry the contractor, a man in his early thirties, came out of the basement stiff and ridged. It occurred to me after watching him move around that he was somewhat unsafe because of his lack of flexibility. While observing him around the house and on the roof and then witnessing his stressed movements coming down the ladder, it appeared to me that he was actually putting himself in danger. His risk of falling because he was not more limber must be increased by big margins. I started a conversation with him.

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6 Classical Margas

We know that Yoga stretches the body, mind and Spirit to allow the life force to flow through us unencumbered. The word yoga translates from the early Sanskrit as “union” or “yoke”, describing the purpose of the practice to refine our connection with our Divine essence.

Many styles have evolved out of this centuries old Eastern philosophy. Plumbing deeper into the history of this sacred practice, we discover that there are just six root forms of yoga. There are many branches that are offshoots of the original six, and all designed to serve anyone who wants to individualize their practice. Here are the six classical margas.

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Using Yoga to Heal from Personal Injuries

Yoga has been a discipline that honors the body, mind and Spirit for millenniums. Long before the trendy yoga studios of the West, the Eastern traditions had embraced the practice as a part of life in the exceptional – as well as the ordinary person.

Although a variety of other forms of yoga are beginning to just get their due recognition, Hatha Yoga is likely the most familiar form of yoga in the West. All practices of yoga have the same end goal. Even so, with the advancement of different expressions and technologies, yoga is not simply a product of all the tech groups out there. Not all yoga practices are created the same and if you are ill prepared for an intense session sometimes you can leave feeling like you need 24 hour roadside assistance Buffalo NY to tow you home. However, while the external expressions may be different, the basis for the ancient persuasion is to gain peace and access to the Divine.

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