Yoga For Golf

At Aptos Yoga we investigate many forms of Yoga with the pleasure of sharing these pathways of peace with our clientele. Last Spring, a student of ours, Reid came to us asking if we would teach a summer class targeted for golfers. Yoga for golfers intrigued us, so we looked into it and it made so much sense. After all, when you’re involved with any athletic activity, you need flexibility.

Reid who works with a limo company all day long finds himself sitting in the seat of a cheap party bus st louis for most of his eight-hour shift. It’s physically taxing because of the restricted confinement. He simply can’t move around a lot. Also he told us that he sometimes experiences an additional level of underlying stress. He’s always on high alert when on the job. He ends his day a little stiff and mentally drained. Nonetheless, every Tuesday and Thursday he schedules nine holes of golf in the evening with a couple of buddies.

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